Head-instructor-Sylvester Walsh:

Head-instructor, Sylvester Walsh (5th Dan) has a lot of experience, as he has been training in karate for over 50 years! 

He enjoys taking on new challenges and students, he has trained in various competitions in the past and he is committed to training his students every week. In addition, he is keen to introduce new students as well as encourage discipline.

Co-instructor-Kevin Roberts:

Co-instructor, Kevin Roberts (2nd Dan) also has a lot of experience, as he has been training in Karate for 44 years!

He enjoys new challenges and taking on new students, he has also trained in many competitions in the past and he is keen to learn new techniques.

Co-instructor-Keiko Walsh:

Co-instructor, Keiko Walsh (2nd Dan) has 10 years of experience.

She is keen to help not only the younger students, but also the adults in the class, as she has been a student for 10 years and she enjoys taking on new challenges as a student and an instructor. 

Co-instructor-Ben Entwistle:

Co-instructor-Ben Entwistle:

Co-instructor, Ben Entwistle (1st Dan) has 15 years of experience.


In addition, he is one of our health and safety monitors, as he helped to create the health and safety check-list and to reinforce it during lesson times.

Co-instructor-Chris Smith:

Co-instructor, Chris Smith (1st Dan) has 12 years experience.


As well as, he has great experience of how to manage and instrust classes, as a retired Head Teacher at a High School, making his role key to the Academy.

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