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Childrens' Competition:

This competition is held every year for three months at a time, when the three months are over, three children are awarded first place, second place and third place certificates, along with either a gold, silver or bronze medal too.

Attendance Award:

This competition is also held every year for the children, every time they attend a session, their card is stamped with our logo and name on and at the end of the year, the child with the most stamps will be rewarded a trophy.

Student of the Month:

This competition is held every month and it rewards the student  who has been recognised by the Dan grades for being hardworking, the student does not have to be the best in the class, but improving and the student who has been seen to have tried hard for the month and has improved will be given a trophy which can be kept for the month. The trophy needs to be returned to the Academy at the end of the month, so that another student can be rewarded for their efforts.

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