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For more information on the new venues and times, just go to the contact page or scroll down the home page.

The First Karate School in Cheshire, this year, in 2022, it is 54 yers old.


Head Instructors : Syl Walsh 5th Dan & Paul Kotowski 6th Dan with over 100 years experience. 

Number 3.HEIC


Welcome to the Shogun Traditional Shotokan Karate Academy!


Monday - 6:30pm - St Michael's Church Hall - Ford Lane

Thursday - 6:30pm -  St Andrew's Hall - Bedford Street         

Here at the academy, we strive for perfection within our students. Our aim is to build up our students' self confidence and self-motivation by guiding them via our black belt instructors, hopefully enabling them too to become black belts one day.

Every 3 months, we hold gradings where students' abilities are tested, they must complete various movements such as, kata and sparring for example. Then,  the instructors must make notes on the students' strengths and weaknesses and then work together to decide whether the student has been successful or not in obtaining their new grade/belt.

In addition, we have fully insured and DBS checked instructors who work carefully with students. As well as, we have a junior black belt who is on the way to train for the instructor's course. On top of this, our academy has been running for over 50 years!

If you would like to try karate, then feel free to contact the head-instructor via the following phone number: 07920192108, or email via the following email address: (you can text, email or call). Or if you prefer, you can just visit us during class time every Monday and Thursday at 6:30 pm.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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